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What is the UK Building Regulations Process?

When Planning Permission has been obtained, you will need to secure Building Regulations Approval.

You will need initially to select who is going to carry out your Building Regulations inspections and approval. The local council’s Building Control department is the most common arbiter of UK Building Regulations, but several private companies (such as NHBC) provide the same service.

The most common route for new homes is to submit a Building Regulations application by way of fee, form and detailed plans. These plans will need to show how you are intending to meet the Regulations – e.g. the thickness of insulation you’re putting in walls, and so on. These plans are then either rejected or approved, and a series of inspections will then take place to ensure the work meets the requirements, after which a completion certificate will be issued.

Why not let us make your application for you?

For the less experienced,  why not use our Building Regulations Service to submit your application and help you to get approval?

With costs starting from £1650.00* we will:

  • Complete the application form
  • Supply the following plans, specifications and supporting documents:
    • Location Plan
    • Block Plan
    • Foundation Plans
    • Floor Plans
    • Joist Construction Layouts
    • Roof Construction Layouts
    • Cross Section Drawings
    • As-Designed SAP calculations and ‘Preview’ Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
    • Water Consumption Calculations
    • Construction Details
    • Psi Values / Thermal Junctions
    • Detailed Written Specification
  • Advise you of the application fee payable

…together with any other information that is required to determine whether or not the project meets the requirements of UK Building Regulations. Any amendments required to obtain Building Regulation approval is included at no extra cost.

* based on a traditional build or timber frame system for a design produced by Houseplansdirect. Fees may vary for other methods of construction or when interpreting planning drawings by others.

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