Frequently Asked Questions: All you need to know about our house designs.

Why are the plans so cheap? They can’t be any good!

All our plans have been drawn for individual clients and have previously been used for planning applications. You gain by not having to pay for the time of our designers.

What do I get for my money?

You get a full set of house plans, consisting of elevations, floor plans and section drawings, in PDF format. Click here for a sample of what the plans entail. The plans are drawn to a scale of 1:50 or 1:100 on A3 paper for easy printing

Can I make further copies of the plans?

Yes. The plans are downloaded in electronic format so you may print as many copies as you wish.

What does the ‘internal area’ measurement cover?

This is the habitable space within the house, so will include all bedrooms, living areas, kitchen, dining room etc. but will not include garages, porches and the like.

How do I make changes to the design once I’ve purchased it?

Purchase the PDF file, print a copy and highlight the changes you require in red pen. Then either post or e-mail back to us and we will alter the plans to your requirements. We will also personalise the plans with your details. We offer free amendments for non-structural changes such as the relocation of doors, windows, internal walls etc. under our ‘Free Amendments’ promotion (more information here). If in doubt, or for a no-obligation quote, please contact us before purchasing.

What if I change my mind or am dissatisfied with  my plans?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your download is corrupted or not fit for purpose, we will work with you to resolve the issue or provide a full refund if no resolution is possible. Please ensure, however, that you familiarise yourself with the product you are buying before completing your purchase, as we cannot offer refunds on digital products solely on the basis that what was delivered was not what you were expecting.

Who owns copyright of the design?

Houseplansdirect retains copyright for the design at all times and our work may not be reproduced or distributed without prior permission. Each purchase entitles the customer to construct one single dwelling using the plans provided. Should you wish to construct more than one dwelling of the same design, please contact us first.

How can I work out the cost of building a specific design?

We have provided estimated building costs here which show variations by UK region and internal area. These figures are provided by the Build Cost Information Service and are updated whenever the latest figures are released. We can also recommend independent estimators should you wish to go into greater depth – see our Links page for further information.

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