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Do you have land with development potential?

Our partners at Coppice Land are experts in seeing beyond the obvious and finding value where others don’t. No matter how large or small your plot might be, you may be surprised at what can be done with it.

Whether your land is large or small, a portion of unused garden or derelict building, they can help you maximise its value and realise its potential through land acquisition or land promotion. Now is the time to find out more and take those vital first steps.

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Land Acquisition and Land Promotion Services

Coppice Land brings together landowners and development partners to help address the UK’s growing housing demand and generate life-changing sums of money for those looking to sell, through land acquisition or land promotion.

You may never before have considered that your garden could be the key to securing your family’s financial future. You may have no intention of moving home but are interested in how to raise capital from it. Or, you may simply find that your circumstances have changed and that now is the time to investigate the possible financial rewards.

Coppice Land’s highly-experienced team of property professionals draws from the worlds of architectural design, town planning, house building and land promotion to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for you.

They invest personally in the costs of every project we take on, so while they recognise how important a good outcome is for you, they’re just as committed to making sure each land sale works for all concerned.

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