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Our range of semi-detached house plans is our newest collection so watch this space as we add more designs.

The first semi-detached homes were built as long ago as the early 1800’s as labourer’s cottages. A semi-detached home, which has one shared wall, is distinguished from a detached home, which has no shared walls, and a terraced home, which has two shared walls.  Semi-detached homes have consistently outperformed other types of property since the recession of 2008 with regard to growth in price. Semi-detached homes are very popular in the UK because they are space saving. However, a lot of semis do have space to extend at the rear and side making them ideal for first time buyers who might look to increase the footprint at a later date.  As you can see our semi detached house plans offer a compact footprint, which could be added to later, and the opportunity to pick from a range of styles and finishes