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Houseplansdirect is pleased to share with you the following guide to house building costs.

Your level of involvement in your project will influence the extent of your house building costs. For simplicity, the four most common build routes have been identified below.

Build Type 1: Building on a largely DIY basis, substituting around 30% of labour costs with DIY, and employing help with the rest of the building work. Materials purchased directly.

Build Type 2: Building using trades­people hired directly. Minimal DIY involvement. Most materials purchased directly.

Build Type 3: Building using a main contractor or package supplier to complete the structure to a weathertight stage, with the remaining work being under­taken by subcontractors with most materials purchased by self-builder direct from suppliers.

Build Type 4: Building using a main contractor. Building in this way requires the least involvement from the self-builder.

Single Storey Builds

Cost per m2
Build Type 1Build Type 2Build Type 3Build Type 4
Build Type 1Build Type 2Build Type 3Build Type 4
Up to 90m2Greater London1366144615271607
South East1198126813391409
NW, SW, East & Scotland1089115312171281
Mids, Yorks, NE & Wales1042110311641226
90 - 160m2Greater London1251132413981471
South East1097116212271291
NW, SW, East & Scotland998105711161175
Mids, Yorks, NE & Wales955101110671124
161m2 +Greater London1114117912451310
South East977103410921149
NW, SW, East & Scotland8899419931045
Mids, Yorks, NE & Wales849899949999

Two Storey Builds

Cost per m2
Build Type 1Build Type 2Build Type 3Build Type 4
Build Type 1Build Type 2Build Type 3Build Type 4
90-130m2Greater London1314139214691546
South East1153122112891357
NW, SW, East & Scotland1049111011721234
Mids, Yorks, NE & Wales1002106111201179
131-220m2Greater London1107117212371302
South East971102810861143
NW, SW, East & Scotland8839359871039
Mids, Yorks, NE & Wales845895945994
221m2+Greater London1021108211421202
South East89794910021055
NW, SW, East & Scotland815863911959
Mids, Yorks, NE & Wales780826872918

House Building Costs – FAQs

Do the figures include VAT?

No. VAT is not payable on new builds.

You say the figures are for a ‘finished home’, what does this mean?

The cost per m2 figure covers everything needed for you to walk in through the front door to a habitable home,  including such things as fitted kitchens and bathrooms, but not including furniture (beds, sofas, carpets) or external landscaping.

What does the m2 measure shown cover?

The m2 figures shown are the Gross Internal Area (GIA), which is measured from the internal face of each external wall. It includes all habitable areas but does not include garages, lofts, basements or similar. These areas can, of course, be added in if you wish to convert them to habitable space.

Where do these figures come from?

The figures come directly from information provided by the Build Cost Information Service and are based on a ‘Standard’ level of specification. Updated August 2019. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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